Number of Ph.Ds registered per eligible teacher

S.No. Name of the Ph.D scholar Name of the Department Name of the Supervisor Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of Ph.D.
1. Mr.A.Sasi ECE Dr.J.Jaya(Supervisor) 2018 Pursuing
2. Mr.A.Abdul Hayum ECE Dr.J.Jaya(Supervisor) 2019 Pursuing
3. Mr.T.Boobalan ECE Dr.J.Jaya(Supervisor) 2020 Pursuing
4. Mr.C.S.Sundar Ganesh EEE Dr.N.Rajkumar(Joint Supervisor) 2014 Pursuing
4. Mr.C.S.Sundar Ganesh EEE Dr.N.Rajkumar(Supervisor) 2014 Pursuing