Electrical Machines Laboratory

Electrical Machines Lab consists of experimental setup for parallel operation of two single phase transformers, speed control of DC shunt motor, magnetization characteristics of DC shunt generator, load test on DC shunt and compound generator, O.C. & S.C. test on alternator, blocked rotor test of induction motor. The Electrical Machines Labs are utilized by all branches for their lab work and project work. In this Laboratory, students perform some basics experiments on Transformers, DC machines, Inductions motors and Synchronous machines.

Linear Integrated Circuits and Devices Laboratory

The objective of Linear Integrated Circuits and Devices Laboratory is to enrich knowledge on various ICs and usage of them in designing circuits to execute analog and digital IC experiments. The various applications in mathematical operations, filters, oscillator, data converters using operational amplifiers and also to design function and waveform generators. This laboratory is to furnish the needs of under graduate students to practically explore the fundamental concepts of electronic circuits. It helps the students to gain knowledge about electronics and IC designing for pursuing projects in electronics domain. The students are encouraged to implement the designed circuits using discrete components on the breadboard as a prototype.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

The objective of Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory is to deepen knowledge on programming skills by executing various programs. This Lab focus on hardware implementation of Input, Output devices and system design based on microprocessors e.g. temperature control system, stepper motor control systems, interfacing with moving displays. This lab also used by the students to interface the Microprocessor and Microcontroller to various peripheral devices by generating waveforms, in which the students can carrying out projects/mini projects in various aspects of ever growing field of microprocessors, Microcontroller and Embedded System.

Power System Simulation Laboratory

The primary goal of Power System Simulation Laboratory is to provide essential simulation facilities assistance to students that will augment their chances of succeeding in technology-based assignments and to provide access to the equipment that will support the needs of life-long learning. The Simulation labs support the curriculum of the university and the assignments of the faculty. The main prominence is to do the project work based on designing Electrical and Electronics circuits using latest application packages such as MATLAB, ETAP and other engineering packages which are used by the students for applications in power systems, power electronics, control system and electric circuits.

Power Electronics Laboratory

The main objective of power electronics lab is to make the students familiar with latest technologies that are based on solid state devices like Thyristors, UJT and MOSFET’s with triggering modules. The lab is equipped with experimental setup for thyristor based speed control of dc and induction motors, chopper and application of power electronics in electrical drives and machines and PWM inverter.

Control and Instrumentation Laboratory

The main objective of Control and Instrumentation Laboratory is to research, design, install, develop, test and maintain instruments that are used in the process industry. This lab prepares students who seek to enter this stream by providing them with intricate knowledge to manage and control instruments. The laboratory combines both hardware and software facilities. The Control and Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with CRO, oscilloscopes, various trainer kits, signal generators, digital multimeters and loading inductor, capacitor, resistive loads. This lab includes Hardware/Software as well as specialized computer language compilers software (MATLAB).

Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory

The primary goal of Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory is to enrich basic analog and digital experimental knowledge for students. This lab also provides the foundation for integrated electronics engineering. Students are made familiar with integrated and digital circuits and their anticipated use in various applications. This Laboratory primarily aims to meet the requirements of practical work meant for active components, basic circuit analysis, designing and testing of Integrated circuits. This lab gives wide exposure to students in the Integrated circuits area and enables them to furnish themselves to work in more sophisticated laboratories in the department.

Engineering practices Laboratory

This lab provides exposure in basic electrical measuring equipments and the students will deal with some of the frequently used instruments and equipments, like the digital multimeter, tester etc. The students obtain the basic knowledge about different types of wiring circuits, conduct of current, voltage, power, energy under different circumstances and their determination. They can also gain knowledge about residential wiring, trouble shooting various electrical equipments like ceiling fan, mixer, air conditioner and other electrical gadgets. These experiments help to provide them the foundation for all branches of first year students.

Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory

The primary goal of Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory is to enhance the knowledge of power engineers in the field of Renewable Energy. This lab shows a new mechanism to improve the innovation ability of students for industry need. It provides a platform for the students in the department to share their knowledge in their field of expertise. The lab is equipped with various kits for the purpose of enriching knowledge in renewable energies.