Value Added Programs

The Department of Science and Humanities shields the responsibility of providing a platform to enhance the communication, mathematical and computer skills of the students. To acquire the competency and command over the language. It conducts courses like Language Enrichment Programme (LEP), Aptitude Classes and IXEL Programme. The emphatic enthusiasm offered by the courses bridge the students and their freedom of expression to gain shape through the apt use of language and liberation. The students are trained through these courses to illuminate themselves in any sort of circumstance. They fit their place in the society through various levels of these courses. Trainers from Learning Edge Institute of Frontier Education Pvt. Ltd, Chennai visit the students to train them. IXEL classes were regularly conducted for first year students by faculty members of Computer Science and Engineering Department and faculty of mathematics department handle aptitude classes for them. Department of English conducts Language Training classes in the first and the second semester of the courses.

Mrs.S.Nagalakshmi, Director – Academics, Learning Edge Institute of Frontier Education Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, handling LEP classes for first year students.

Dr.Shankarrajan, Aptitude Trainer , Coimbatore, giving Soft Skill Training to the students from 21.04.2022 to 23.04.2022.

Mr.M.Manoj Kumar, Aptitude Trainer , Coimbatore, giving Aptitude Training to the students from 18.04.2022 to 20.04.2022.