ICT enabled Teaching

One of the teaching learning strategies adopted at Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology is the ICT enabled teaching. It is enabled through Google Classroom, a universal API (Application programming interface) allows the following tasks and facilitation to be carried out both by the teachers and students.

Google Classroom(GCR) creation

All teachers create their classroom for their courses. Teachers invite their students through a private code to join the classroom. Students can join the classroom using their unique Gmail ID provided by the institution.

Transparency and Monitoring:

As GCR is a transparent platform, the teacher who actually teaches the course can invite other teachers, head of the department, Dean, and Principal as Co-teach. This helps the academic hierarchy to verify easily whether the intended task has been carried out by both the teacher and the students.

Content uploading and Arrangement:

Every study material for a course is tagged to any one of the five units. The different content of study material is neatly arranged under Unit 0, Unit 1, unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, or Unit 5. The arrangement is so lucid that any student can search for the location of their relevant study material with ease.The required study materials like transcripts, assignment, quiz, animation/video in the form of word document, pdf, PPT, MPEG ect are uploaded. Teachers are encouraged to upload study material as animation or videos also. This uploading of study material before the actual contact classes help to have flipped classroom. This enable the interaction to be very effective between students and the teachers in the classroom.

Illustration : –‘GE8292- Engineering Mechanics’ course – Semester 2 (Mechanical + Mechatroics + Civil Engg students)for the AY 2019-20

An uploaded study material can be found in GCR as shown.

An uploaded quiz is shown here.

Assignment is uploaded with a deadline for submission of answer script from students. Students are encouraged to submit their response digitally. Digital submission helps teachers to evaluate the answers and grades are awarded without much delay.

Ease of operation:

As this is a 24×7 platform, both students and teachers can access this for learning purpose at any time, round the clock. Hence this provides much needed flexibility into the teaching learning process.

Convenient for assessment and evaluation

Digital evaluation by teachers is quick and time saving. Moreover, students get to know about their marks/grades instantly.
The consolidation of marks/grades can be obtained for a particular assessment very easily. The record for such assessment is automatically saved and available for viewing at any time in the future.

Teachers are at an advantageous position to have a summary and comparison of marks/grades of all types of assessment the teachers have conductedso for.

Faculty members can have a quick analysis of the level of knowledge that the students have acquired through analysis in google form

Mobile application:

GCR is also available as a mobile app. It is so convenient for the students to get to know the communication and information passed on to them by the teachers instantly. This also provide a chance for the students to convert their unproductive time into much useful one for the purpose of learning.

Easy ‘to and fro’ communication:

All communications related to the course can be posted and the students get to know such information immediately. At the beginning of the course, a customary welcome note is sent by the faculty members to all students.

Students can post their views and comments in the same way. As the comments posted by the students are not public, students have the confidence to send their opinion and feedback to their teacher without fear and get clarified with their doubts.

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