• The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), a digital learning platform initiated and created by the faculty members of IITs and IISc which provide video lectures for various courses in Engineering, Sciences and Technology.
  • Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology being a NPTEL Local Chapter, encourages faculty members and students to take up online courses in their passionate subjects.
  • About 350 video lectures and study materials of NPTEL (4 TB) are available in the library for the use of the faculty members and students.
  • As a welfare / motivational initiative, faculty members who successfully complete a NPTEL course and obtain certificate will be reimbursed with half of the registration fee for a course.
  • The quality of NPTEL videos are reflected in the fact that the curriculum content is exactly what is taught at IIT and IISc. This will definitely create fundamental knowledge and understanding for any student. The courses will also help prepare candidates for the entrance examination for their higher studies.
  • NPTEL has courses on Current Technology and non-technical field, which will improve the employment potential of candidates in the technical field as well as administration fields also. To name a few courses are: Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning, MIMO / OFDM Cellular and Sensor Networks, etc., and non – technical courses Educational Leadership, Introduction to Psychology, E-Business, Project Management for Managers, History of English Language and Literature, etc.
  • NPTEL’s curriculum enables the student to engage and learn directly from one of the best faculty in that specialisation. This strengthens the student’s fundamentals about the course.
  • NPTEL Online Courses offer students the opportunity to explore new areas of interest, which are not possible in regular college environments. Also, it gives students the opportunity to learn more deeply about the subjects.
  • Certificate issued by the NPTEL upon completion of an online course is meritorious and valuable. When a student is applying for a job, this NPTEL certificate gives additional value to him. This is another main advantage of NPTEL certification.

NPTEL recently launched online course related to the following

  • Laboratory workshops
  • Internships
  • Soft Skills Workshops for improving employability
  • GATE exams
  • Support to attend technical conference
  • Analytics of the data accrued
  • Continuous portal development
  • Translation of English Transcripts of NPTEL Videos

NPTEL Stars: NPTEL recognizes the learners who have excelled in various courses under the following categories.

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For any query, Contact,

Mrs. K.Veena
Assistant Professor,CSE
Mobile :73055 68321
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Faculty members and students who have successfully completed their respective online courses during the academic year 2019-20

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