Our world is a global village where education plays a very crucial and wide role in every person’s life. It was the same for me also when I finished my school education. I was determined to join engineering but was confused which college to join. That was the moment when I got to know about Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology. I went to the college, saw it for myself. When I saw the facilities in the college I was impressed by the infrastructure. The way all the staff members and management approached me and my parents came to a conclusion and satisfaction that I was in safe hands. All these four years I was trained in my specific subjects by the most efficient faculty members for which I am extremely grateful to all my faculties. Now with all the knowledge that I was provided with by the faculty members I have been placed in IBM, one of the most reputed organization. I would like to thank and extend my sincere gratitude to the Management, Head of the department and all the Faculty members at this juncture. I feel extremely honored to call myself a part of this prestigious institution.

– S. Rajalakshmi (IBM) CSE (2011-2015)

I was student at ACET from2015-19. Life at ACET was awesome. The relationship between faculty and student was very cordial and campus environment was very vibrant. ACET gave us good classroom environment, cultural, technical events, sports, etc. Students were encouraged to take carry out projects as part of Tech Day. The academic experience with learned team was really helpful to excel in my career. The teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. Thank you ACET!

– Akshara. S (Design Engineer, Geometrics Space Structures Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore), CIVIL (2015-2019)

What I loved in the institution was the quality education provided by experienced faculty. The scholarship provided by institution motivated meritorious students to achieve further. The faculty urged the students to think and come up with innovative ideas and techniques on their own. We had many opportunities to show-case our liking and talent. Tech Day is a really wonderful platform. We were continuously motivated to do innovative projects in all the four years of our study. That is the unique advantage that ACET confers to all its students. I am forever grateful to ACET!

– T.Vigneshwaran(Planning Engineer, Exxon Mobil), MECHTRONICS (2015-2019)

I entered Akshaya as a student and left the college as an entrepreneur. Yes, the training and the exposure that I got throughout my four-year study helped me to achieve this. The teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface gave the confidence to pursue my career ahead. Thank you for the support and motivation throughout my studentship and I owe my success to Trustee Thiru. P. Rangaraj sir who always advised and encouraged us to become entrepreneurs. Thank you, sir. Thank you, Akshaya.

–Mathiarasu.M(Entrepreneur, SpotWiperz, Coimbatore), MECHANICAL (2014-2018)

At the very outset, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Akshaya family. I extend my warm regards to my department which immensely helped me to succeed in my life. The friendly environment and the systematic approach in imparting education made me a competent individual. I can positively say that ACET has been the best part of my life and the most I admire is the support that I received from the management. In ACET, we were trained well for our placements and because of that I was placed in NDOT Technologies, a reputed company. I am thankful to you ever, ACET!

– Harikrishnan. P(Application Engineer, NDOT Technologies, Chennai), MECHTRONICS (2014-2018)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology offered me a very good learning environment  excellent teachers, infrastructure and library facilities. I have been able to develop as a student by knowledge acquired and as a person due to encouragement I received by all. The organization provides so many facilities for learning and updating our knowledge. Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology helps me to improve personality as well as overall aspects towards life. The staff is cooperative and teachers always help students.

– S.Renuka CSE (2014-2018)

Akshaya educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. The college has great modern facilities which promote great learning environment and flexible schedules that suit to meet the needs of a student like me.

– Rajalakshmi. S MECHATRONICS (2014-2018)

Akshaya is a great institution. The staff and instructors are always helpful and are looking out for you. The green environment of the college is great. The management helps us in all possible ways and implement the needs of students as fast as possible.

– Abhijith Suresh kumar MECHATRONICS (2014-2018)

My overall experience with ACET is very positive. My college experience is structured in a way that it gave me more freedom and control over what I have to do. My future holds no limits and I consider ACET to be a great institution that can fuel my potential through its commitment to excellence.

– N. Thamil Selvan EEE (2014-2018)

The skills I have gained through my graduate studies at ACET have equipped me to accomplish my professional goals.

– V.Vineetha EEE (2014-2018)

With the help of ACET I have substantially improved my understanding of basics of Electrical Engineering. ACET is an example of studying in a congenial environment.

– M.Kaviya EEE (2014-2018)

Akshaya gave a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge beyond the scope of studies. My life at Akshaya brought clarity of thought and confidence. Real time exposure was immense throughout the program. Value Added Programs, Career Growth Programs, Aptitude Classes, Online Aptitude Tests, Programming Tests, etc., helped a lot to enhance my skills. Particularly, training Classes on Java and Python helped me a lot. Seminars and Group Discussions gave the courage to crack NTT interview. AMCAT and COCUBES platforms also helped us to prepare for facing interviews with ease. Caring mentors, friendly attitude of the professors and their willingness to always offer a helping hand made me feel a part of Akshaya family. I cherished the feeling of studying at an institute, which focussed on career enhancement along with overall skill development with seamless mix of academics and extracurricular activities. Those four years were splendid and helped me to grow better professionally and personally. Dream came true. I bagged the job through Campus Placement. I owe my success to ACET and feel proud of being its alumni.

– Anna Treesa Joy (Software Development Senior Associate, NTT Data Services, Bengaluru), ECE (2013-2017)

When I look back at my life in Akshaya, I see the transferable set of competencies that got built up over the period of time in me. It would be difficult to sum up the experience I had in a very few lines. First of all, I must say that the exposure which ACET gave me was commendable. The members of faculty were amazing and they stood by us from the first day to the end of placement days. The best part of exposure was when we went for internships in reputed organisations. During the most crucial time of placement, the faculty and placement team provided the students with lot of preparatory sessions which helped me to face the interview with ease. Opportunities given and platforms provided made me fit enough to face the outside world with confidence and I cherish those moments forever.

–Tamil Selvan.R(R& D Manager,Smart DV Technologies,Bengaluru),ECE(2013-2017)

My experience at Akshaya was fantastic, and laid the foundation for a challenging journey in my life. Akshaya triggered my learning curve to rise towards knowledge and creativity. I was often encouraged to look beyond books. What I absorbed and assimilated from various orientation programmes and motivational programmes inculcated self-discipline and problem solving skills. Personally, the education and experience that I gained at ACET transformed me into a person eager taking on challenges in the real world. Thanks ACET.

– Prem. P(Site Supervisor,TPK Infra Projects,Tripur),CIVIL(2013-2017)

Akshaya is a place to explore your ‘acme’. It not only excels in providing quality education but also provides merit scholarships for high scorers in academics. The faculties here, without any hostility, are friendly. Akshaya helps students to develop soft skills, Cultural skills, Entrepreneurial skills and nourish the talents in students. As Akshaya’s tagline says “EXCELLENCE IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION” Akshaya truly means it.

– Hemanth Raj. V MECHATRONICS (2013-2017)

Akshaya is an Agri Farm where you can cultivate knowledge that will yield you to your success. The College has given me a favorable circumstance to exhibit my entrepreneurial skills. The Institution has motivated and given me every chance to explore my cultural talents.

– Vinay. D MECHATRONICS (2013-2017)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies within a vibrant environment.

– R.Sreeja EEE (2013-2017)

I am receiving scholarship amount of Rs.1000 per month. I thank the institution for providing me the scholarship. It encourages me to score more marks in the upcoming examinations. I am thankful to the institution and our management.

– MOHANA PRIYA ECE ( 2013-2017)

ACET offered a course which promised to lead me towards achieving my ambition. I like the environment of ACET and the location is very convenient for everything.

– S.Gowthami EEE (2013-2017)

I am receiving the monthly scholarship of Rs.1000 from the institution. The money which I am receiving is really useful to me. It is like I am earning money while I am pursuing my studies greatly thank the institution for providing me the scholarship.

– SWETHA.P ECE (2013-2017)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology has given an excellent technical education for us. Faculties are well talented and it provides full practical session related to the field. ACET is fully digitalized by TCS-iON and provide WiFi for us. Our college provides sport and cultural activities each year to develop our talents in extra-curricular activities.

– A.Meenambika CSE (2013-2017)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology educates students in a very creative way and encourages us to think out of the box. However, the college not only helps me to excel in the academic field, but also teaches me a lot about different cultures and how to appreciate them. Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field.

– B.Kalabenita CSE (2013-2017)

I had the pleasure of completing my graduation from ACET. There are so many take-aways from Akshaya, so many of which have helped me get to this position of my career. The institution’s teaching and learning process along with other activities helped me to develop various skills. ACET’s inculcation of discipline and value based education opened up my career. Yes, ACET provided opportunities for balanced learning, through classroom inputs as well as creating an atmosphere that helped to develop capabilities to implement those theoretical inputs in real life. I got a great chance to handle front-end as well as back-end software. Thanks a lot and proud to be ACETian!

– Srinidhi. R (Associate Developer, Cognizant Technology Solution, Bengaluru), CSE (2012-2016)

I had a good time learning new things, new skills and new attitude. That’s really all the space Akshaya gave in my life. The academic experience I had in Akshaya helped me a lot. There was a focus on the all-round development of students. The approachability of teachers created a friendly environment. What made me to become an entrepreneur was the confidence that Akshaya gave me during my studies. I owe this success to one man Mr P. Rangaraj, the trustee who always motivated us to become entrepreneurs. Heartfelt thanks to ACET, I landed my dream! I am the Co-Founder of iStar Developers, Coimbatore.

– S. Manobala(Entrepreneur,istar Developers,Coimbatore),CSE (2012-2016)

I am thankful to ACET for having given me multidimensional learning by providing the balanced mix of academics, industry exposure and skill development training. Seminars, workshops and invited lectures organised motivated us to be aware of industry scenario. One can cram from books but originally it is always the faculty, industry interface and surrounding environment that only can transform a student into a professional, which I was fortunate enough to get that from Akshaya and was able to secure the job that I dreamt about. I got placement through my campus recruitment, that’s the biggest gift from ACET. Thanks a lot!

– Vasanth Kumar.S(SAP Engineer, Renault-Nissan Technology and Business Centre India Private Ltd, Chennai), MECHANICAL (2012-2016)

Over the four years of my study in Akshaya so many doors were opened for personal and academic development. I gained a good exposure in programming skills as we had skill development tang during two semesters. The placement department ensued that the students get right training that always helped them to get selected in good companies. I got the platform to enrich my skills and henceforth a bright career for my life. I am really thankful to ACET because whatever I am today is just because of you.

–R.Priyanka(Associate Consultant,Capgemini,Bengaluru),EEE (2012-2016)

I feel proud to be the student of Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology. I should thank the management for providing scholarship every month. This is very helpful for me. No other colleges provide such scholarships to encourage the students. I am very proud and thankful to our college.

– S.VISHNUSHREE ECE (2012-2016)

My college gives me wonderful opportunities to focus on my interests and paves the right direction which will definitely help me to land in the right job.

– S.Thirupura Sundari EEE (2012-2016)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology provides us Academic excellence and also have superb faculty who supports us in all our endeavors. It also provides us good space for learning and creativity. It gives us a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies. As a proud student of Akshaya I am very happy to be awarded Rs.1000 as scholarship by Akshaya Charitable Trust, as I have secured CGPA between 8.5 and 8.99.

– D.Mohana Priya CSE (2012-2016)

AKSHAYA is a place where you can develop your carrier and bring out the talents in you. AKSHAYA has got a supportive management and has also got a good set of staff who help us not only in academics but also in the stress students face. AKSHAYA is a digital campus which helps us to have a easy communication and interaction with the staffs. Placement trainings are given which are useful for us to face our interviews. AKSHAYA gives scholarships to students who perform well in their academic, which is a good motivation for the students. I am happy to say that am a student of AKSHAYA.

– JITHIN C.V. MECHANICAL (2012-2016)

AKSHAYA is one of the best institutions, not only of its infrastructure but also of its coaching, Seminars; Value Added Trainings, Trustees, Faculty Members. The Institution has motivated and given me every chance to explore my cultural talents. The hostel, classroom and transport facilities are very good. AKSHAYA has got the best management, which supports the students in academics as well as personal life. Akshaya help students to develop soft skills, Cultural skills, Entrepreneurial skills and nourish the talents in students. AKSHAYA is a place where you can build your carrier in the best way.


I am extremely grateful to the management and staff for their tireless efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us. During my study period I found the college to be the best for me as the staffs were able to deliver the best of education. Staff members were always ready to help. I am happy to recommend everyone whoever is planning to make their future with ACET.

Shilpa .C (Assistant Professor / ACET) ECE (2012-2016)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology has provided me a great platform to excel in my career. My skills have improved a lot since I have entered the college. The management and faculty have helped me to a greater extent to bring out my talents and they also helped me to overcome the dilemma of surviving in this highly competitive engineering field. Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology infrastructure also played a vital role in providing me a comfortable environment to aim success. Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology opens the door to success and the faculty holds it for us, we enter through the door and achieve the fruit of success.

– S.Kaviya (Odessa Technologies) CSE (2012-2016)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology is good at education. The management and the trustees help the students in their placements and provide their supports for the students in their career. I am extremely grateful to the management and staff for their tireless efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us. The skills I have gained through my graduate studies at Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology have equipped me to accomplish my professional goals.

– M.V.Asha (FACE, E4E, KGISL) CSE (2011-2015)

I feel privileged to write this as an alumnus of Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology. I joined this college with lots and lots of questions about semesters, projects, presentations, placements, career, etc. But the college gave answers for everything that I was worrying about. The first generous gift that I got from the college was a fee waiver based on my+2 board exam marks. The infrastructure has to be given a special mention. Akshaya gave us a well-stocked and digital library, well-equipped laboratories. We were given opportunities to participate in workshops and seminars that gave us understanding about industries. Akshaya had never compromised on developing individual talents. The placement trainings started at the right time and we were given a lot of trainings. Hostel facilities were offered even for day scholars so that they could concentrate on trainings. I’m thankful for all the great things this college has bestowed on me.<./p>

– Santhosh Kumar.C(Engineer, Ford, Chennai), MECHANICAL (2011-2015)

A place where a student can develop his/her skills is AKSHAYA. The management of our college is helping students to develop their skills, ability, knowledge by conducting value added courses, training programs, seminars and so on. AKSHAYA digital campus which is under the guidance of TCS ION, is helping students to clarify doubts and also in taking notes. Staffs play a major role in students’ carrier development. Hence, I proudly say that I am graduated from AKSHAYA.


Immeasurable quantity of knowledge and values instilled in us by the institution carved me a better individual and made me to achieve my biggest dream of getting placed in IBM.

– Nongmaithem Island Devi (IBM) ECE (2011-2015)

The college has always provided me an opportunity to broaden my shills through the brightest academic minds. A school boy who stepped into the doors of AKSHAYA’S is now a corporate man in ODESSA TECHNOLOGIES.

– Vignesh.A (Odessa Technologies) ECE (2011-2015)

The dedication, support and motivation of each of the staff are remarkable and enable students like myself to achieve our dreams! With the help of you all I am now moving into CTS. I will forever be indebted to ACET for it.

Anusree.T.K (CTS) ECE (2011-2015)

Time flies like an arrow. The days I spent in Akshaya were exactly like this proverb. My four years of study at ACET truly enriched me in many ways. Members of faculty helped me in all ups and downs and shaped me into a better, responsible and successful person. They were continuously helping to improve my skills. Having taken part in Quest Ingenium and Tech Day Competitions, helped me to become a winner always. The support that I received from the college allowed me to explore various fields and I am happy that I am pursuing my career in one of the best companies. The knowledge and skills I gained from ACET helps me a lot to advance in my career.

– R.Vijay(Senior Software Developer,Robert Bosch,Coimbatore),CSE(2010-2014)

My time at ACET was an experience I will cherish forever. I am very proud to be an Acet’ian. My college has given me a wonderful life with good career and continuous motivation by giving scholarship. Since I am a University rank holder I have been awarded One Lakh rupees as a Scholarship. The Friendly attitude of the staff and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the ACET family.

– S.Uma maheswari (Infosys) CSE (2010-2014)

Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology gave me many motivational moments by providing scholarship. I would like to express my gratitude for the scholarship provided by Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology. I feel very proud to say I am a student of Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology.

– D.Nanthini (POLARIS) CSE (2010-2014)

During my time at ACET, I have had access to unique opportunities to focus my studies on topics of my interests and to prepare myself to enter the job market with confidence and a sense of direction.

– Fristo Wilson (James Bash, BIS Modulator, Abu Dhabi) EEE (2010-2014)

It was a great time I had in Akshaya College of Engineering & Technology. I would say that my department faculty are the best. The care and the confidence they showed on me was phenomenal. Akshaya provided me a platform to develop my talents and skills far and wide. ACET educated me to think creatively and encouraged me to progress well in studies. The days which I spent in Akshaya were the best days of my life.

– Vishnu. R (Engineer, Windmoller & Holscher, Germany), EEE (2009-2013)

It was indeed a delightful experience to have been a part of Akshaya which helped me to establish myself as a Professional Engineer. Throughout my study, I have been encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and widen my horizons beyond the academic curriculum. All the teachers were always supportive. Various Value Added Programmes, Workshops and Guest Lectures, improved my technical and interpersonal skills. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the college gave me opportunity to carryout project which gave me immense confidence to achieve my biggest dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I would like to specially thank Shri. P. Rangaraj, Trustee, for his constant motivation.

– Giriram Prasath.V(Entrepreneur,Bright Enterprises,Udumalpet),EEE(2009-2013)

The deep faith in the dictum “One’s own reaction to, observations about and understanding of something are more important than someone else’ s opinion about it.” , became the cornerstone of Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology, and this cherished conviction inspired and guided me to spread my wings to fly.

– R.Vishnu (Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation, Germany )EEE (2009-2013)

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