Industry Empowerment Cell is a forum for faculty, students and Industry. It is a collaborative development process to build on the Industry environment; Where It enables the Students and faculty to explore the industry environment and industry readiness.
Activities of the Industry Empowerment Cell

    • Industry Innovation Challenge participation
    • Industry projects
    • Industry Empowered laboratories.
    • Cutting Edge Technology Training
    • Industry Guest Lecture
    • Faculty contribution to industry
    • Industry experts guided projects
    • Centre of Excellence
    • Faculty Empowerment Program
    • Industry sponsored college level contests


    • Goal of the Industry Empowerment Cell is to empower the students to create truly transformational technologies by connecting with the local industries and understand their needs which can be addressed through Student Projects. It aims to provide students with a platform to create, collaborate & innovate with the Industry Environment using Industry Empowered Laboratories.

The Context

    • Empower the student’s skill development with the Industry Support and Guidance.

The Practice

  • Industry Empowerment Cell Provides the awareness about the Industry Needs and Employability Skills.
  • It encourages the Student Innovation Projects to show case their core competency skill to Industry
  • Students are trained in Cutting Edge Technologies in a regular basis to hone their skill set.
  • Faculties are encouraged to participate in the Faculty Empower Program to mentoring the student Projects
  • Student and faculty Interactive Mind storming sessions leads to student Innovations
  • Student and faculty trainings are scheduled in Industry Empowered Laboratories with the Industry Exert.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the Innovation Challenges organized by Industry to prove their Core Competency.

Availability of Information

  • The HoD’s can access the respective Department activities and Achievements
  • The faculty Member of the cell can Access their guided and Industry consultation projects
  • Students Member of the cell can access their project submissions

Evidence of Success

  • Students’ awareness about the industry needs and Employability Skills.
  • Students’ Participation in the National Level Design Challenges organized by the Industry
  • Faculty Empowerment programs will enable the faculties to enrich their knowledge in the Cutting Edge technologies
  • Students participation in the value added program to enhance their core domain knowledge
  • Student Innovation leads to Entrepreneurial Environment.
  • Industry empowered Laboratories supports the students to execute real time Industry Projects
  • Industry consultancies through faculties empower the Industry Product Development and Innovation.
  • Students Win Prizes in the Innovation challenges organized by the Industry.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  • Industry Empowerment Cell is actively participating in various students’ skill development Activities. But the Student Innovations take up to product development cycle demands, skilled Industry Expert support and quality time from the Industry.

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