Boys Hostel

Hallmark of a good institution is its ability to provide excellent amenities, besides quality education. Our institution provides separate hostel facilities for boys and the hostel buildings are constructed in spacious green area provide confidence in favor of learning. All the amenities are well provided for healthy living conditions. The Boys Hostel has 96 rooms spread over three floors and accommodates about 350 students.

Deputy Warden :Mr.M.Sheik Mohamed Anas (AP/CIVIL) Contact No.: 9750911285

Breakfast Tea
7.30 AM to 8.25 AM 4.25 PM to 5.30 PM
Lunch Dinner
12.00 PM to 12.45 PM 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM


  • Wi-Fi enabled hostel.
  • RO water for drinking and cooking.
  • Modern kitchen with dining hall.
  • Tasty and Hygienic food.
  • Separate food for Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian students.
  • Convenient food menu for other state students.
  • 24* 7 power backup and security.
  • 24*7 medical facilities with vehicle service.
  • Solar water heater.
  • Amenity centre which includes Food court, Departmental store, Ice cream Parlour and Naturals Spa.
  • Laundry service.
  • Sports and leisure facilities.
  • Gym and fitness facilities.
  • Newspaper and Magazine facilities.
  • 96 furnished rooms (cots, tables and locker facility).
  • Occupancy ratio of 4:1.
  • General recreation hall with 42″ LED TV in each block.
  • Guest rooms.
  • Free Computer Lab and Internet facility for hostellers after college hours.
  • Extended library facility upto 6:30 PM.
  • Serene Environment graced with Temple and Nature.

Rules and Regulations

  • Outpass system is followed to ensure secure outing.
  • Students can leave the hostel for any reason with Prior permission from their parents or official guardian and with proper entry in the permission register
  • Students are generally permitted to go home only if the college is declared holiday continuously for 2 or more days.
  • Students should return before 7:30 p.m. and should report in person to the warden immediately on return.
  • Students willing to attend any function at home, marriage or any other ceremony will be permitted to go only if the request is directly made by the parents to the warden.
  • Students can entertain visitors only during the visiting hours.

Working days-4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Sundays and other holidays-7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • During the study hours, the students are expected to stay and study in their rooms and keep their rooms open.

Study Hours – 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily.

  • Usage of Mobile phones, walkman, stereo equipment and watching movies on desktop computers and laptops are strictly prohibited during study hours.
  • There should be perfect silence during study time and sleep time.
  • Residents shall not stay outside after the outing timing except in emergency conditions with prior information to parents and Hostel Authority.
  • Discipline in the hostel will be under the control of the Principal (Warden), Deputy Wardens and Resident Tutors.
  • Ragging in all its forms is banned as it is treated as a cognizable offence. Any resident found guilty of ragging will be dismissed from hostel and college.
  • If any incident of ragging occurs to first year residents, they are informed to bring the incident to the knowledge of Warden, Deputy Wardens and Resident Tutors immediately, for further action.
  • Alcohol , drugs, smoking and playing cards are strictly prohibited.
  • Members are not permitted to convene meetings of any nature in the hostel without a written permission from the Warden.
  • Shouting loudly, whistling, playing in verandahs, playing music systems loudly, affixing posters, photographs, wall paper, indecent posters on walls and in any other places at the hostel premises and use of objectionable languages are strictly prohibited.
  • Members shall not interfere with the work of the hostel staff and cases of misconduct, if any, should only be brought to the notice of the warden for appropriate action.
  • Residents shall not remain in the Hostel during class hours and at other times when their presence is expected in the Institution, except with the written permission from the Warden.
  • Electrical & Electronics gadgets like Audio system, computer ,Laptop,Tab and other electrical appliances shall be used only with the prior permission of the Warden.
  • Audio systems shall not be played beyond 9:00 p.m.
  • Birthday celebrations in any form is banned inside the hostel premises. Residents should not bring cakes inside the hostel.
  • Day Scholars are not allowed to visit the hostelers on any account without permission from the Head of the Institution.
  • Residents are not allowed to do any kind of business inside the hostel.
  • Any matter not covered by the above rules shall be decided by the Warden.
  • Warden has full powers to expel a student from the hostel if his presence is considered detrimental to the discipline of the hostel.

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