Solar Plant

  • Generation of electricity without polluting the nature is a great challenge to our current society. Electricity generated from fossil fuels pollutes the environment and also lead to global warming and green house effects. To overcome the above glitches, we have taken necessary steps in generation of green energy i.e. pollution free electricity.

  • Usage of Solar energy will reduce the use of fossil fuels and it also produces pollution free electricity. We have installed 94.08 kW Grid connected Solar Power Plant roof top and it is in operation. The roof top solar power station is of grid connected type which is synchronized with grid (Wheeling to the Grid). The solar energy have been utilized to meet the load demand of college campus and the remaining power is fed to the grid by using a bidirectional meters. As this type of roof top does not need battery thus ensures less maintenance.

  • The inverter in solar power station operates based on Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation technique and also for the rejection purpose of harmonic Multi level Inverter based configuration has been used. Daily, monthly and yearly power generation has been monitored for efficient usage of solar energy.