Math Club

The prime motive of our Math Club is eliminating the fear of Mathematics and creating a passion towards the subject. The club promises to cultivate various chances and a bright platform to exhibit their talent, skills and passion for Mathematics. First, it fosters a community of students around a common interest in Mathematics. Club members are elected and they are provided opportunities to apply and improve math skills by participating in math competitions and learning circles.


  • To identify the level of understanding in Mathematics.
  • To help the students develop their critical thinking and Mathematical ability.
  • To improve and bring out the hidden Mathematical talents of the students.
  • To promote enthusiasm and interest in Mathematics among the students.
  • To provide a platform for discussing new methods of learning and teaching Mathematics.


  • Helps in the proper utilization of leisure time.
  • Includes the habit of self study and independent work among the students.
  • Provides opportunities for students to translate the theory into practice and apply their learning in daily life situations.
  • Makes Mathematics learning a pleasant, creative and challenging experience for the students.
  • Develops critical thinking skills of students through problem solving.

Faculty Co-ordinator: Ms.S.Lavitha,AP/Maths

Activities of Club

  • Math Club
  • Students participated in the Math Puzzle, Math Quiz & Paper Presentation Competition conducted as part of Mathematician Shri Sri Ramanujam’s Birthday on 22-12-2022

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