Robotics Club

The Robotics Club’s mission is to increase enthusiasm and knowledge towards robotics by providing a hands-on and multi-disciplinary collaborative experience in designing, building, and robots programming. Club includes the collection of hardware, software and others that are interested in the exciting world of robotics.


  • To understand basic principles of Robotics and its control.
  • To explore basic electronic components with control programming skills in robotics.
  • To promote robotic control and literacy of Technology Education in school and college functions


  • Workshop on Introduction to Robotics for First Year students 26 to 30 Dec 2022
  • The Robotics Laboratory in association with BigBodhi Academy, Coimbatore was inaugurated at our Campus on 22.08.2015.


A NXT GEN FUTBOL LEAGUE 2015 programme for school students in Association with BigBodhi Academy, Coimbatore, at ACET Campus on 22.08.2015.

Upcoming Events

  • Introduction to Robots and LEGO
  • Assembling and programming with LEGO
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Quad copter Design /RC Plane & Robot Projects

Staff Co-ordinator

Prof. S Vinoth, AP / Mechatronics

News & Events