Tamil Mandram

Tamil Mandram activities focus on bringing out the literary skills of the students. Every year, it conducts various events for the students. The events include Poetry, Elocution, Drawing, Debate, Essay Writing, etc.


  • The main aspiration of the Tamil Mandram is to foster students’ knowledge in Tamil Literature.
  • Bring out the talents of the students in the language and show case it out to the world.
  • Dissemination of ancient Tamil Culture among the youth.


  • To encourage the students to develop the taste for Tamil and enhance their skills.
  • To motivate the students in the active learning process of Tamil Language.
  • To build up confidence and groom the talents of facing various interpersonal activities.
  • To teach students learn appreciate Tamil history and culture well through this club.

Staff Co-ordinator: Mrs. E.Lathanayagam, AP/Maths.

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