Akshaya College of Engineering & Technology (ACET) has a vision to create Women’s empowerment and Gender equality in its campus. ACET continuously conducts various programmes for bringing the Positive thoughts, Humanity and Morality among the genders with in the campus.

ACET promises the spread of Human values, Social responsibities, Maintaining human dignity, fairness and justice among the faculties and students.

ACET conducts activities and programme for Faculty and Students to inculcate the gender sensitization.

  • All special days’ celebration for women for giving the respect to women.
  • To bring the social responsibilities among the gender.
  • Conducting the various workshops and programmes for sensitizing safety for women.
  • Conducting regular awareness-raising activities among students and staff.
  • Arranging events with highly responsible persons like Judge, Collector and Police officials to motivate the staffs and Students.
  • Providing professional counselling.
  • Permitting and to take part in various sports events inside and outside the campus for bringing out the talents in students.
  • Encouraging to creating the new ideas for doing society impact projects.
  • Following the code of conduct to promote the gender equity.

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