Industrial Visit (Dept. of Civil Engg.)

Department of Civil Engineering
Report of the Industrial visit to M/s Gadli Industries, Madukkarai

Our II and III year students visited M/s Gadli Industries on 17 March 2021 and learnt about the process of designing and manufacturing of UPC windows and doors. They also learnt about the application of these doors and their salient features.
The knowledge gained would help them to understand better the concepts of stress and strain in structural members such as beams, column, shaft and also shear force and bending moment in beams and the concept of theory of simple bending.
Also they learnt about the different construction techniques and structural systems such as masonry construction, flooring, roofing and the method of techniques involved in the construction of varies types of super structures.
The knowledge gained during this industrial visit will help the students to understand better some concepts related to courses such as strength of materials, Construction techniques and practice and Design of steel structural elements.
In addition to showing the varies process of manufacturing of UPC windows and doors, the company also took the students to their nearby site where the UPC doors and windows are installed. They explained the precautions and procedures to be followed for installing the UPVC components.
We thank Er.Selva and Mr.Mohammed Gadli of M/s Gadli Industries, Madukkarai for lucidly explaining the entire process.

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