Centre for Higher Education and Foreign Language


  • Centre for Foreign Education
  • Centre for Foreign Language
  • Centre for Foreign based Job Opportunities and Projects


Objective of this Department is to provide international exploration to our students. Along with Academics, Akshaya provides complete awareness on overseas Education and Job opportunities.

Students are taught with European, Australian and USA culture and career based opportunities on campus. The Department works fully on student’s welfare that provokes them to get into Master Degree Programmes and job opportunities abroad.

1. Centre for Foreign Education

Pursuing Master’s Degree Abroad is a Dream for most of the Engineers. But awareness and information makes them lag to achieve their dreams. Akshaya makes it simple on campus. Students are provided with information on free education and scholarship details to apply for Master Degree abroad.


  • Country selection
  • University selection
  • Complete Application Process
  • Visa process

2. Centre for Foreign Language

Learning foreign language is a fun. Linguists may change your career life. Gaining something outside the campus is strange and expensive. Akshaya has taken initiative on providing German Language courses on campus.

German Language:

German is one of the most renowned and prestigious speaking languages in European countries. It helps students to get jobs in European based companies inland. It brings quick onsite offers for students in their employing career.

Courses with certification:

  • German Level A1 (80 hrs)
  • German Level A2 (100 hrs) with Proficiency test in Goethe Institute

Note:Looking forward to start French, Japanese and Hindi

English Proficiency Tests

Guidance for TOEFL, GRE and IELTS will be given.

3. Centre for Foreign based Job Opportunities and Projects

Orientation and awareness on job opportunities and final years projects available Internationally will be given for students. Akshaya trains students to work on their dream companies.


  • Proper guidance to select Area of Interest
  • Academic strength and focus
  • Final year projects
  • Application process