Step Into Corporate

Placement Award Day

It is the dream of every engineering student to get placed in a top organization visiting their campus for recruitment. Placement serves as an outstanding platform for the students. At Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology, Placement Day is celebrated to honour the recruiters as well as the students who have been placed through the campus interviews organized by the college. The students who had been placed will be formally handed over their appointment letters from the recruiters in the presence of their parents, students and faculty members.

Placement Award Day 2019

Step into Corporate

Every year, new graduates enter the workforce filled with excitement, anticipation and trepidation. Step into Corporate is a Discussion Group specifically designed to enable new graduates and recruits to make the transition from the casual lifestyle of university to the corporate corridors smooth and stress – free. It facilitates the students to take part in interactive session with corporate IT professionals, so that new graduates can launch their career and instill in them the ethics, attitudes and dress code essential to become an effective member of a professional and effective team.

Objective of Step Into Corporate

  • To demonstrate the importance of a positive image on business and social interactions and the effects and ramifications of a negative impression.
  • To initiate awareness, responsibility and accountability for participant’s individual personal presentation.
  • To impart a foundation of knowledge to create a positive first impression on anyone they meet.
  • To teach the fundamentals of congruent and consistent professions.


  • The participants will be more open and motivated to take any challenge with a positive attitude .
  • Learning how to be purposeful action taker and how to overcome disappointments if anything comes across.
  • Learning how to make a difference at the workplace.
  • Learning that teamwork is an organizational reality in today’s corporate world.

Motivational Speech By Keynote Speakers

The main motto of the programme was to motivate the students to face the Campus Recruitment. The Chief Guest Shri M. Sivakumar motivated the students with his enlightening speech. In his speech, he asked the students to lead their life in their own way by imparting the knowledge on the challenging environment. He also insisted that students should equip themselves according to the changes in the business world.

The keynote speakers highlighted that engineers should have ethics and values that are the paramount importance in their career. They can fight with the competitive scenario through their continuous learning process. They stressed the students to be clear in their future goals. They also mentioned that the corporate life is full of challenges and advised them to face that with the clear strategy, knowledge, experience and exposure on current trends.

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