The NSS Unit of the college steadfastly works towards the betterment of the society. We have a bunch of more than hundred vibrant young volunteers who ultimately spread the air of humanity and service. We give a space for the volunteers to work with the needy and poor and to take care of their basic needs. Akshaya has rendered its service through multiple awareness programs and social service programs in and around the city.


The programme aims to inculcate social welfare in students, and to provide service to society without any bias.


To develop student’s personality through community service and to create a sense of involvement.

NSS Unit and Programme Officer

The NSS Unit of the institution consists of 100 vibrant student volunteers and is led by Mr.M.Vadivel, NSS Programme Officer.

NSS Student Volunteers

Any student enrolled as an NSS Volunteer should put in at least 240 hours (i.e. 120 hours per year) of useful social work in a continuous period for two years as per NSS Manual.A work diary is to be maintained by each NSS Volunteer, which will help him/her in the assessment of his/her performance.

Faculty Co-ordinator:
  • Mrs.P.Soundarya,AP/ English