Welcome to Secretary

I deem it a wonderful occasion for me to feel extremely happy to have started Akshaya Charitable Trust with my friends to serve the children of the rural. We are aware of the fact that our government cannot provide education for all because it’s not financially feasible and economically viable. Hence, our Government encourages private Educational Institutions to grow gradually. At present we have hundreds and thousands of Nationally and Internationally reputed institutions all over our country.

It is a globally accepted fact that providing quality higher education to the younger generations would certainly augment the growth rate and boost the growth of intellectual capability of a country. The force and spirit of educated youth is always considered to be omnipotent and strong forte’of a country.

It is imperative that both private and public sectors should strive hard to impart quality technical education to the rural and urban masses to strengthen our aspirants, involving in nation-building activities.

A nation could achieve prosperity only when the government’s positive initiatives and schemes are judiciously and prudently executed and implemented.

I personally opine that an institution, a nation or a business venture will attain the expected growth only when the team members leading from the front are working honestly and sincerely towards the set target with uncanny knack and indefatigable enthusiasm.

Eventually, I would be so happy, if our vastly experienced faculty members could inculcate leadership quality, organizing capability, problem- solving skills, communication skills and disaster management into the minds of young Engineering aspirants.