Promotion of Indian languages in Technical Education as per National Education Policy 2O2O

Jul, 2020

The unique features of the AICTE books based upon model curriculum are:

  • Content of the book aligned with the mapping of Course Outcomes, Programs Outcomes and Unit Outcomes.
  • In the beginning of each unit learning outcomes are listed to make the student understand what is expected of him/ her after completing that unit.
  • Book provides lots of recent information, interesting facts, QR Code for E-resources. QR Code for use of ICT, projects, group discussion etc.
  • Student and teacher centric subject material included in book in balanced and chronological manner.
  • Figures, tables, and software screen shots are inserted to improve clarity of the topics.

With the above initiatives the major objective of the AICTE is to provide outcome based Technical Education Books in different Indian Languages to the students and faculty members across all technical institutions in India.

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